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Michael/Lauren/Carmine/Fen: The drama is not over for Michael/Lauren/Carmine and will leave Fen caught in the middle.

Adam/Victor: Conflict starts to creep back in their new-found relationship.

Adam: His personal life will become just as chaotic as his professional life especially now that things have started to heat up between Chelsea and Dylan.

Adam/Sharon: Their relationship takes a surprising turn.

Avery/Nick: Avery wants to prove that she and Nick belong together. Could there be wedding in their future?

Summer/Kyle: Summer continues to pursue Kyle and her efforts could pay off. Jack and Phyllis start to wonder if Nick was right about letting her live with them.

Billy/Victoria: They will hit a rough patch especially now that Billy is gambling and Victoria is obsessed with Newman. Will the couple be able to pull through or will this be the end?

Courtesy of Meghan @ Telboards

More Y&R Summer Previews 2013

Nick: His secret about Summerís paternity is becoming harder to keep and it is starts to cause tension with Phyllis, Jack, Summer, Kyle and Avery.

Michael/Lauren/Carmine: Michael and Lauren start to work on their marriage. Meanwhile Carmineís obsession with Lauren grows.

Adam/Victor: There is a new woman in Adamís life that begins to cause tension with him and Victor. They begin to suspect each other. Victor knows Adam is getting a secret and is determined to find out what it is.

Billy/Victoria: Billy pays a heavy price for gambling

Chelsea/Dylan: Many romantic surprises for the new couple

Cane/Jill: They attempt to work together at Chancellor but it isnít working, which cause Jill to take action.

Lily/Tyler: Tylerís interest in Lily causes problems. He leaves Jabot and finds himself in a new romance

Neil/Leslie: They both find themselves in the middle of a mystery that points to someone having it out for the Winters

Kevin/Chloe: Kevin makes a grand gesture hoping to fix his marriage

credit: jcren
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