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Taylor/Katie/Bill/Brooke: Taylor spills to Katie and Bill about the new man in Brooke's life, which springs Bill into action. Unable to let go of his feelings for Brooke, he confesses that he's not able to fully let go of what they shared. Will Brooke finally tell Bill the truth about her unborn child or will she continue to protect her secret?
So the end of Bill & Katie is written on the wall. Well I guess Brooke is always the go to slut. Besides, Bill isn't worth the trouble anymore. Katie should say good riddance to bad trash (i.e. both Bill and Brooke).
Bill/Caroline/Maya/Rick/Carter: Bill and Caroline's plan to separate Maya/Rick fails, that is until Maya witness Caroline and Rick in a compromising position. Maya then agrees to a date with Carter but Rick decides he's not giving up on her. Maya/Rick finds out about Caroline and Dollar Bill's antics and decides to teach them a lesson. But that doesn't mean Caroline is going to give up her quest to be with the man she loves. What will Caroline do next to win Rick's heart?
Is it me, or does this story looks exactly like the same when Bill was playing interference with Steffy/Liam/Hope?
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