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Recent Facebook post from Corbin Bernsen today:
"Interesting morning. Met with the publisher's of my mom's book who happen to be in NY. I really do want to do what I can to help knowing that she was planning on more book tours and the rest to promote it. Her agent told me that one of the most exciting phone calls they shared was when she informed mom that the book had made the New York Times Bestseller list. I knew she was happy for this, but now know the full impact in had on her. My mom was a bundle of contradictions, or rather, there was a ton of "life and history" below the surface, old news, stuff that hurt. The book - again - incredible timing given all things in perspective now - allowed her to release some that which she held onto so privately for so long. I don't think it was a release but rather a true sharing of who she was and what made her tick. She wanted people to know. And to some extent, I did see a "lightness of her being" after the book came out.

So with that in mind, and fully weighing the whole notion of promoting anything at this time as potentially seeing it as "profiting from her loss," I want to cautiously move forward and help get the book out there. I've discussed a portion of the book proceeds going to one of the many charities that she supported. In the end however, it is really everything I've been discussing in keeping her light burning. I am to a degree, consumed by this notion. Is it just me mourning or wanting more? Maybe. But I also believe she had so much to share and good lessons for us all. That is why she was here, to make her mark, that mark that we can all benefit from. Her book is certainly a good place to start. More on that to come as it becomes clearer what it all entails.

All that said, it does feel good to try and do something in her honor, takes away some of the sting of the loss. Calls continue to come in from old friends and that alone is almost worth the price of the ticket. She is reconnecting people. So much continues to happen in her name that... it almost feels as if she is here."
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