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May 8 2013, 10:41 PM
I don't recall an interview where she said anything of the sort. She did say something like that about Melody Thomas Scott, but not Jeanne Cooper. I could be wrong, but I follow her closely and I don't remember that. Way before this she regularly tweets positively about Jeanne when fans mention her.
Do you listen to Foxx Hole? the black radio talk show. VR was on the show one day with KSJ and Darren McCray. She was doing her usual ranting and raving about her loosing her job and how the entire cast and crew were racist along with the execs and writers. She even mentioned MS, Peter Bergman and Jeanne Cooper. She tried KSJ and DM to say they were unpaid compared to the white actors on the show and neither of them would say it. She got mad and started yelling them and said they were too damned afraid of loosing their jobs if they said it. She was like a wild woman and the commentator tried to calm her down to let some of the other guests speak but she never shut up with her usual rants about anyone that worked on YnR that wasn't black . The bitch is crazy and no one will change my mind about that. Her ass is chapped because she thinks the show cannot do without her and she might as well face it. She walked her contract not once but twice plus all the nasty things she has said about the show and the people that are on the show, plus the execs, cast and crew. She doesn't have a chance in hell in getting back on YnR and I don't blame anyone that decides who is on the show or who isn't for not having her back. Like I said, the bitch is flat ass crazy and the way she rants and yells all the nasty things about YnR every time she has a interview or is on a show she needs to be checked into a mental institution.
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