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Viewing Single Post From: Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 5/13
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camila banus @camilabanus
Feeling so sicky!!! I just want to feel better!!! #sick #getwellsoon #sorethroat #room
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camila banus @camilabanus
Alright guys! first time doing this! Who wants to do a Q & A with me?? Will be starting one at 6:45....SHOOT ME QUESTIONS (: lets have fun!

Taylor @daytona21TH
Have you been to Canada before?
camila banus camila banus @camilabanus
@daytona21TH No I haven't but it's somewhere I would love to go!

Sam_Rik @SaM_rIk
@camilabanus Yay. Thanks for doing it. So what is your favourite scene till date on #DAYS?
camila banus camila banus @camilabanus
@SaM_rIk Honestly any scene with Gaby and Rafe (: we have a great brother and sister relationship shooting and real life.

Dollie Grigg Jenkins @DollieSJenkins
@camilabanus do you have a facebook? I have a feeling the one I am liking is not authentic. :(
camila banus camila banus @camilabanus
@DollieSJenkins Yes I do ! this is the link to mine and I manage it!

Erin McCaffrey @ELMcCaffrey
@camilabanus Who is your favorite actor to work with?
camila banus camila banus @camilabanus
@ELMcCaffrey Galen Gering (: he's my brotha from another motha(:

Scott Dipietro @sdct7925
@camilabanus what's you fav color?
camila banus camila banus @camilabanus
@sdct7925 I love getting asked this question (: its purple ! Purple Purple Purple

Anthony :) @ACminaj95
@camilabanus Hey!!! How has it been shooting with the baby? :)
camila banus camila banus @camilabanus
@ACminaj95 It's been really crazy and fun and honestly nerve wrecking...imagine carrying someone else's baby all the time !!! SCARY

Sam_Rik @SaM_rIk
@camilabanus How is it shooting with @freddiemsmith @ChandlerMassey @BlakeBerris. Who is the biggest prankster on sets?
camila banus @camilabanus
@SaM_rIk @freddiemsmith @ChandlerMassey @BlakeBerris They are all amazing actors and people so much fun to work with!! I would say Chandler!

Steph @ValaBlack
@camilabanus okay, I have one. What would be your dream talk show appearance?
camila banus @camilabanus
@ValaBlack Hahaha good one (: hi btw, I don't know, I guess Ellen (: she's fun!

Anne Marie Silva @JoeyMacsGirl34 Protected account
@JoeyMacsGirl34's account is protected.
camila banus @camilabanus
@JoeyMacsGirl34 It's a lot of hard work but it's really very fun! The cast of Days are great people and I feel honored to work with them (:
camila banus @camilabanus
@JoeyMacsGirl34 Mcdonalds ! i'm a sucker for chicken nuggets !
camila banus @camilabanus
@JoeyMacsGirl34 I'm not a best friend kind of girl...my bff is my sister (: but on the show my closest friend is Kate Mansi!

Chelsee @chelsee199
@camilabanus is it sometimes uncomfortable doing a love seen ?
camila banus @camilabanus
@chelsee199 Sometimes??? no way ALL THE TIME! its just weird acting that out in front of a crowd of people !!

Hannah @willandsonny
@camilabanus What was it like filming the birth scenes w/ @freddiemsmith ? Must of been a little weird pretending to give birth? LOL
camila banus @camilabanus
@willandsonny @freddiemsmith Yes! it definitely felt weird I had to watch a lot of youtube videos on births still its never the same thing

Rebecca Smith @kteacher1976
@camilabanus Are you feeling better?
camila banus @camilabanus
@kteacher1976 A little yes ! thanks for asking...I gargled salt water like someone here recommended!

martina testaverde @smelligleek
@camilabanus how have you been liking your character so far on days?
camila banus @camilabanus
@smelligleek YES! i love gabi...shes been through a lot and has had her good moments and her bad ones just like every character on days

@camilabanus In the whole Melanie/hostage storyline, did you draw the short straw on that one? You did a great job btw.
camila banus @camilabanus
@MEDLEGEND HA! not really we all have a story line we don't necessarily agree with but its our job and someone has to do it!

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