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May 17 2013, 03:17 AM
May 16 2013, 11:20 PM
Wednesday ("Confrontation")
Brady puts Kristen in the hot seat; Maggie tries to convince Nick to reveal the truth to Gabi.

At this point, there is no way that Brady's stupidity can be redeemed. So when the time comes he will finally see the light, it's not even through his own doing / initiative. Someone still had to feed this information to him (e.g. maybe in this case Marlena). Is it not ironic that both John and his son Brady are brainless, it was / could be Marlena to make them finally see the light? ^o)

The only thing that can interest me here is the Marlena-Kristen showdown. Writers, please let it be GOOD because these two people (ED and DHer) are too talented to be wasted by your crap and unimaginative ridiculous writing.
Let's be honest when it comes to Brady he is not any brighter than Gabi. First he lets Nicole convince him to cover for her when her baby dies, then he bails her out of jail then he acts like none of it is his fault because he did not know she was going to kidnap Sami's baby. Then he hopped straight from Arianna dying to Madison's bed in about 2 seconds. Then into Kristen's bed 2 seconds after Madison's death. Now there is this whole "Kristen has changed" and I am going to cut off my entire family because they do not love the woman who tried to torment and kill them storyline. Then yesterday he is telling Kristen how bad her family is (like they are not his relations too) and if I remember my storylines correctly I think his Mother's side of the family are not a lot of saintly people, but hey however he wants to interpret his Grandfather's crime family he can be my guest. Please, the guy is about as dumb as a box of rocks and when it all blows up he will look devasted and shocked that he was deceived.
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