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S loves EJ

May 17 2013, 08:18 AM
May 17 2013, 08:08 AM
If EJ actually appears to have the strongest motive, I don't see how Lucas would look ridiculous for realizing that. If the writers want to make him look bad, shouldn't they have him saying something that doesn't make any sense?
Agreed. I like that EJ is the first one Lucas, Hope and others are pointing fingers at. It does make sense. The bonus is I like JS playing EJ as reveling in the accusations. He's mind f'ing them in a way and it reminds me of 2007 EJ. :cloud9:
I like EJ reveling in the accusations too, and maybe it makes sense that Lucas accuses EJ now, but when Stefano was shoot he wouldn´t even consider the possible of it not being EJ, which made him look a bit like a fool and that it was just wishful thinking on his part to get him away from Sami, still I don´t think the writhers are trying to make him look like a fool on purpose.
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