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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

May 17 2013, 09:57 AM
GH has been boring ass hell lately.
GH has been a bit boring this past week and the Chew crap didn't help but what I find with GH is that they TRY to feature as many characters/stories on any given day to please a good portion of it's audience and the stories are broken up where I don't get to see the same characters/stories on every day, I like that. They have a lot going on....as opposed to Days who has 4 stories revolving around each other, featuring the same characters and the story rarely moves at a pace that keeps me interested. The vets have nothing to do, are rarely on and the stories don't focus around them. Where on GH you have the likes of Tracy in the middle of a story.... Also I might not like Tracy or Dante but I think the stories that feature them are good, I think this is where Days needs to learn. I might not like Ej or Dan but give me something to watch if I don't like them. As of now, I get nothing

With Days these ratings prove that in reality the show isn't any better than it was this time last year...it's stagnant and that is never good.
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