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still I donīt think the writhers are trying to make him look like a fool on purpose.

Oh I could not disagree with this more. In my eyes it's pretty blatantly obvious what the writers think of Lucas and what purpose he serves - and that purpose/raison d'etre right now is pretty limited. But, be that as it may, I am not sure why Lucas is really required to consider other suspects. He is not the police - he doesn't need to be objective here. He can hate on EJ for as long as he wants to - I know I will. His suspicion of EJ after the Stefano shooting was a rather obvious device in relation to the Ejami Bonnie and Clyde shenanigans. So while it's in character for him to doubt EJ (don't blame him), the contrast his suspicions provided was quite intentional indeed, and not meant to do Lucas any favors. Right now he is not ridiculous at all for suspecting EJ - the entire town does, even cop Hope. But I can see this heading down last year's familiar territory. IF Lucas is even given that much air time, which I doubt given recent news.

I don't care about any of that, however. I don't want my thoughts of EJ clouding my experience of Lucas. Glad he was on yesterday, liked his "google" line (knew that was coming after an online chat with BD, I think, so glad to see it pop up), and I'll cherish whatever five seconds I get of Lumi, and I always love Kate/Lucas interactions. So hooray =)
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