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May 17 2013, 12:01 PM
Was this the episode where Marlena confronted Gina (as Hope) and threatened to do everything in her power to stop the wedding to Bo...loved that confrontation.
I'm just working off my daily logs of the scene-by-scenes, so all I see are the character names and set names when I compile the daily lists. But from Dustin's archives, here was the 12/31/99 episode info (it was one of his shorter synopses since he says he was taking down his Christmas decorations that day). But from reading that, yes, this was the episode with the confrontation between Marlena and Gina.


December 31
I was forced to undecorated the house, so this was typed after I watched the show, therefore it is a lot shorter than normal

Gina is getting into her gown as Lily and Greta help her. Gina's gown is white, but looks like a royal snow queens robes and is accompanied by a crown. When Julie and Doug show up they are taken aback, and Julie comments that her gown looks like something Princess Gina would wear. That comment doesn't amuse Gina one bit. As Doug and Julie discus the fact that this is not their "Hope," Gina gets ticked off and tells them both to leave for the church right now, without her! They are shocked, but decide to leave.

Out in the hall, Doug and Julie run into Marlena, who has come to have it out with "Hope" and try and convince her once again not to do this. Marlena goes into see "Hope," and the two get into a huge argument. Shawn shows up, after being convinced by Bo to tell his "mother" that he believes this wedding will be good for her, and hears Gina telling Marlena to stay out of her life. Marlena leaves, and when "Hope" finds Shawn waiting to see her at her door, she tells him not now and slams the door in his face! Shawn tells Doug and Julie that they have to find his dad and stop this wedding.

Doug and Julie run into Bo in Salem Place and ask him not to go through with this wedding, but Bo won't listen to them and insists on marrying "Hope."

Greta returns to see her mother after all her confrontations with various people, and she finds her mother strapping on a gun! She is shocked, but Gina insists it is only in case Stefano shows up and tries to ruin things. Later, Gina looks at herself in the mirror and the evil Gina appears. She tells herself that she will let nobody interfere with this wedding, she has killed before and she will kill again if necessary!

John realizes he is being followed, but he doesn't know it is by Bart and Rolfe. John eventually loses them and returns home, but his cut is still bleeding. Rolfe fears that John's chip could fall out through the incision, so he plans to attend the wedding disguised as an Italian Priest. He tells himself that if the chip does fall out or fails, he will simply have to kill John!

John returns home to the penthouse to get ready for the wedding, but Marlena tells him that they will not be attending the wedding.

In France, Stefano finishes his radio and makes a device which will send an SOS signal to the radio station the radio is tuned to. He tells Hope that all they need is for the disc jockey to pick up the signal. As Stefano radios for help, Hope prays Bo will rescue her.

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