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Please write 4 Bryan Dattilo, Give him a love interest.

May 18 2013, 11:13 AM
May 18 2013, 09:39 AM
Brady's a stupid ass if he can't see what this relationship has done to his parents. I am so tired of the garbage that I have taken to only watching the show in clips. I watch classic Jarlena, classic Lumi, Classic Ejole. I even still watch some of the Bricole clips and Lucas and Chloe. I don't know why no one ever thought Lucas and Chloe were hot. I've watched their scenes and on the second time around, Luloe were actually pretty steamy. Of course Days had to f that up too with Dan the man. Imho, the show is no longer fun to watch like this.

I also love Rafe and Kate which I have watched in clips. Days has royally fucked up and they just need to admit it. They can not afford to lose even one single fan in this economy. Every single fan is important. To bad whom ever is in charge is so blind he can't see how much people hate the show now. I look at the ratings over all and they are not good.

Brady you are an ass, John you are an ass. Sami you are a colossal idiot.
The show over all imhop sucks donkey balls.
I don't hate the show at all and I'm a fan. Obviously, Days has written itself into so many corners thru the years that it's impossible to get out....and to please many fans. But that's what so many different writing regimes and crap will do after what...48ish years on the air! I feel your frustrations and I get frustrated too. But I'm a fan who's still enjoying the show. Just saying.
well I'm glad that some are enjoying the show. I however do not and I know of several people who do not. Days needs to do something to gain back some fans. My mom has been a fan since the beginning and she won't watch, period. My husband would watch when Ej and Nicole were on. My son would occasionally watch Lucas was on. My son knows that I met Bryan at a fan event and he knows that Bryan was super nice to his mom. So he'd watch when Lucas was on. So I don't understand why Days hacks all the good couples and gives crap that are doing nothing for the ratings. So Days could at the very least keep classic romance instead of trashing folks like Jack and Jennifer and giving the Perv and the Princess. Just some of my humble thoughts.
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