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Sammie Jo
May 18 2013, 05:47 PM
May 18 2013, 03:01 PM
That's your opinion, my opinion is that they should have at least run a scroller so that anyone who didn't know

You keep on evading my question. What proof do you have that they could have added a scroller? I have never seen this alleged scroller that everyone is talking about or this instant black card the very next day. When has any other soap handled the situation differently? I don't remember the death of Sally on B&B or Frances Reid on Days being handled different than JC. All of the deaths of soap stars are handled relatively the sme way and there is a reason for the similiar actions.
I'm not evading anything, and I had no idea I was under interrogation, nor did I understand what you didn't understand.
Have you never seen the news scrollers or weather or amber alert scrollers at the bottom of the screen?
"Proof" are you serious? Call the CBS, ask them if it's possible to do.
Just because you don't know about something, don't remember it, or have never seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Blissful gave you an example, you won't accept that without evidence, do you think she made that up just to win some silly argument? :shame:
When one makes allegations that can seriously screw with someone's reputation, you need to have facts to back it up. It is outrageous to think the very next day YR could have did some act as a tribute, especially, considering the false and premature rumors regarding JC's death (VR anyone?)

You are not under interrogation, but you are voluntarily making the same critical argument that could damage someone's reputation if it was true, that YR dissed JC by not immediately dealing with her death in a specific way. That requires at least some proof. I'm not asking for a typed corporate policy or memo. I don't need to uncover the evidence because I'm not creating the allegations.

And I can name a YR poster who made stuff up about a silly argument. She was constantly hanging out with the Stafford and had inside scoops with the Pawly Center-lol- I miss her.

Anyways I'm done with this argument- no facts are being presented.
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