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May 8 2013, 12:10 AM
Wednesday, May 22nd
Sonny and Gabi worry something is wrong with the baby; Sami attacks Nick; E.J. and Justin finalize their scheme against Stefano; Kate talks to Sami about her relationship with Rafe.
I like the idea of Justin having more airtime, don't get me wrong, but I am not excited about the prospect that he is working with EJ to take down Stefano. Is it so bad of me to wish that this scheme backfires and Stefano in the end will still come out on top? IMO, if EJ would have done this a good 5-6 years ago, I would actually root for him to take down Stefano, and it would have made for an interesting storyline, but these days, no. Stefano's present children on the canvas (EJ and Kristen, and especially EJ) are nothing but wimps and do not deserve to take over his legacy. The current EJ, to topple Stefano? Seriously, writers?!? Just, NO. Laughable. :blulaugh: :rolleyes:

IMO, you want to know what would have been interesting, if the writers really wanted someone to take Stefano down? Lexie would have been great (but she is dead, so...it would have been good because Stefano really has a very soft spot for his daughter) Tony (can they still bring him back from the dead) OR even Peter (where is he?). Tony has had enough history and reason for a vendetta against his own father Stefano and to be fair, he can be just as smart and as cunning as his own father. Tony vs. Stefano would have been more interesting. There is a lot of history and deeply-rooted angst there that can be capitalized.

As for Peter, it would have been interesting to bring him back. They never explored the fact that Stefano kidnapped their mother and probably had a hand in killing their father (maybe) and ruining any chance of a family he and Kristen could have had during their childhood. It would have been interesting for Peter to come back and convince Kristen to go against Stefano and take him down.

JMO. But, I don't know, I guess the writers are more inclined to write about trying to get a current wimp look heroic by screwing over his own father without a compelling, believable agenda. :rolleyes:

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