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May 19 2013, 11:16 AM
May 17 2013, 05:15 PM
May 17 2013, 02:42 PM
Yes, he's done some bad things and he definitely paid for some of them, but that post was about the here and now, not things that happened ages ago.
Currently EJ is doing the following: 1)Helping Will/Sami steal evidence of Will's crime.
2)Trying to taking Stefano's assets from him.
3)Taking information from Nick's disc related to Titan or whatever the current name of Madison's company.
So while he may not be responsible for Rafe's beating,I don't think it can honestly be said he is doing nothing wrong even though Sami would likely approve of all of the above.
All those things (except possibly 3 - we won't know what that's about until he actually does something with the usb drive.) are positive things. 1. Helping a victim being blackmailed out of his child's life because he's gay by covering up a crime committed against himself. 2. Bankrupting the most dangerous person in Salem so he can't buy his way out of jail anymore. And whatever he's doing to Stefano must be legal, because I can't see Justin putting his career or freedom on the line for EJ.

These are the kinds of things Bo Brady would have done. #2 is something John and Lucas actually were doing at one point.
It's a cliche' I know but I don't believe two wrongs make a right.It's difficult to believe downloading the intellectual property of a rival company without permission of anyone associated with that company is lawful or that EJ did so for the greater good of anyone except himself.This behavior is in my eyes wrong whether he actually uses it or not.2) I don't believe EJ is taking over Stefano's company for any altruistic purpose at all especially that of keeping Stefano from commiting any further crimes.There is a difference between legal and ethical.I don't see that using technically legal steps to take something that you have not earned and that does not belong to you is doing the right thing.Assisting Sami and Will in their request to have Stefano commit additional crimes by using a police officer Stefano has bribed /threatened in in order to get said officer to steal from evidence of a crime from the police is wrong regardless of whether EJ thinks crime is okay along as there is a good motive for engaging in crime.
For these reasons,in my eyes EJ is currently doing bad things even though at this point it is not known whether had someone beat up Rafe.I am not saying other characters would not have done the same.I saw Lucas and Sami unsucessfully try to steal the evidence and I have seen Bo,Rafe.Roman and others engage in questionable
and/or illegal behavior. I don't dislike the character of EJ,I just disagree that he is not currently doing anything wrong.
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