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May 19 2013, 12:14 PM
:hijacked: Slightly OT, but in reading message boards about Days - this one as well as others...coupled with Tweets, FB posts, etc, you have to wonder how high ratings COULD go if the writers would incorporate John & Marlena into more stories - she was pivotal in Will's coming out storyline, and John never did go after Elvis & Fatha for taking all the pension money from Basic Black. Or if they'd explain that Bo is working with Shane in London and have Hope talk to him on the phone or even go over to visit him. Lucas & Sami should be helping Will & Sonny with the baby storyline - Elvis need not be involved at all unless Sami needs a shoulder to cry on. Roman - kill him off. Abe? Mayor. Hope? Chief of Police. Rafe? Head detective (no, not like the one on In Living Color...but that'd be cool too). Kayla? Cheif of Staff. Cameron? Gone - or at least somehow made interesting. Abby? Helping Gabi with whatever. Chad? Helping Will & Sonny. Nick? Being a well-acted prick.

Sorry to rant & rave, but if NBC would stop throwing money at prime-time garbage (Animal Practice, 1600 Penn, etc) and invest in Days, they'd have a better vehicle to promote their prime-time shows.

Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth.

OK, back to the real thread...
I hate to remain off topic but I totally agree.They must have a moron choosing their programming.I can look at a promo for a new show and tell it's a loser like that Eva Longoria mess that was canceled after two or three shows.Days has been on for almost fifty years.You are absolutely correct,if NBC actually invested money in the show they could make that money back from ads.I love the show and want it to stay on for may years to come.I hope they check out your post for new ideas.I love everyone of them.
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