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This is going to be so good! And Sami won't be wrong. I wonder how I'll feel when that's going on since I love Hope and hate Sami. Can't wait!
Sami left the child alone in a police station with dangerous people in it after telling her mother she would watch her.
Let's be real here....

Sami left the child in her mother's office. Which if I remember correctly, had not even 1 criminal in it. if Hope's office was such a hotbed of criminal activity why did she bring her daughter there in the first place. Sami shouldn't have left because she promised Hope she would watch her, but in reality that is where her culpability ends.
I don't think it was about Hope's office being a hotbed of criminal activity. Ciara's only 8-10 or so, and Hope didn't want her to get bored and decide to go exploring. They've changed the Salem PD set to just be the reusable blue room as opposed to the office and big room that criminals were brought in & hung out in while being processed.
At the end of the day, Hope didn't want Ciara left alone in her office, and Sami didn't say she couldn't watch Ciara. Sami should've stayed. The cop dude that dropped off the letter also gets some blame because he should've followed up with Hope to ensure that she got the note, since it was so important.
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