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They have evidence, lol. That's also just kind of the way things work when your looking for a suspect.
what evidence? Gabi's words and EJ meeting Rafe at the pub? They have made him an official suspect without anything to really go by, relying heavily on their past.
I never got that. Hope named him basically the prime suspect in front of everyone in the hospital based on the fact that he was meeting EJ at a place they know he never made it to, to pick up a jacket they know he never got.


Nothing against his being a suspect, but the main and only focus....
Most of the cop shows have anyone that was with the victim or was supposed to meet the victim, etc. focused on as suspects. Gabi keeping the muffin/Nick relation a secret means Hope has no reason to also suspect Nick of the attack. Hope is following the evidence - EJ was meeting Rafe at the pub, & Hope, having been in the room when Rafe was on the phone with EJ, knows that Rafe had said he needed to walk, the FBI jacket means Rafe never made it to the pub, and Gabi telling Hope about the "it's done? good!" call fits in with the timeline of when Rafe was attacked.
DiMeras have been accused of crimes in the past with much less circumstantial evidence.
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