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Sweet and Salty

May 17 2013, 03:28 PM
Last I checked, the only thing Gabi was really TRULY guilty of was faking a stalker which would then *maybe* (I forget) involve filing a false police report. In regards to Andrew, she would be guilty of obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact. The actual explosion had nothing to do with her. She didn't take anyone to the tunnels. She didn't turn any gas on. She didn't set any explosions. At best, Gabi is guilty of only misdemeanors and I'm certain that she would only receive probation. To equate Gabi's crimes with EJ's crimes is pretty damn ridiculous. And I actually LIKE EJ and (mostly) tolerate Gabi.
Wow! 24 likes! That's the most I've seen I think! Got some Gabi likers! I do agree, Gabi is no "super-criminal". Guilty of getting into an ugly horrible situation, yes. And now "guilty" of falling for a major creepy/geek!!
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