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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

May 20 2013, 08:29 AM
The NeNe WWHL special was defnitely more insightful.

Teresa annoyed the crap out of me as usual. Why can't the woman be real for moment now? I miss the old Teresa that wasn't all about trying to be a brand.

What was your favourite moment ON the show? "Becoming a New York Timeses Bests Sellings Author". Obviously not a show moment, just a plug. (And when she fucks up the saying of that over and over doesn't it just highlight how she couldnt possibly have written a single word in her books?)

One word about ____ "Ummm" "ummmmmm" (Translation: No one prepared answers for me for this)
Teresa has lied so much that she doesn't even know blue from yellow. She's just lying more and more to cover up previous lies, all for the sake of money, fame and her "Italian Pride." There is just no winning with people like her. Caroline's right too, should anything ever happen between Teresa and Joe(that they can no longer spin), Teresa will call foul, and go on a media spree about how much she's hurt and didn't see it coming.

NeNe sort of annoyed me on her special. I feel like she's just a walking caricature of herself now, at least in interviews like that. There were lots of moments during last season where we got to see the old NeNe, but she plays it up so hard when talking about the other HW, whether it be ATL or any of the other cities.
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