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Viewing Single Post From: Michelle Stafford Exiting Y&R! (Update 5/21)
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May 20 2013, 05:00 PM
May 20 2013, 04:45 PM
May 20 2013, 04:07 PM
Usually I'd be like "WONDERFUL NEWS"... but they've subdued the Phyllis character since JG took over as writer, and the bitch is hardly on anymore as it is. Phyllis should've been taken off the canvas around 2009 or 2010 IMO.

Nevertheless I hope this is true, and I hope there is no recast. Phyllis is a slutty, skanky and really mean character that I have no use for.
I wouldn't be too happy. If they're getting rid of Phyllis, I wouldn't be surprised if Sharon was next. All hatred for MS and her character aside, this is bad news for Y&R vets in general.

Clearly JFP's Y&R vision emphasizes the newbies at the expense of the veterans.
I just don't get what Sharon has to do with any of this? She is always thrown back at me when I discuss Phyllis anywhere.

Let's wait and see why MS is leaving. It might have been her own choice, maybe JFP tried to get her to stay :shrug:
Oh I don't know... because Sharon is a veteran as well? I'm not a die hard Michelle Stafford fan (I actually think some of her performances have been laughable), and I'm in no way part of the wretched Phyllis/Sharon fanwar that causes one too many migraine on boards or on Twitter.

I'm just saying, despite one's position on Michelle Stafford, her departure is bad news for Y&R veterans in general. I don't think Y&R has a bright future if this can be seen as any kind of foreshadowing. JFP has her favorites, and she will cater to those favorites... unfortunately for die-hard fans, those favorites are not the faces that have been seen in Genoa city for decades.

GH is being praised for its incorporation of veteran characters? That wasn't going on when JFP was around... Y&R is in trouble.
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