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X-Files-Mulder & Scully

Eric is a bonafied idiot, Brooke is an even bigger nasty idiots, she does not approve of Eric relationship with Taylor because she thinks Taylor is using him, but it is ok for her to use him. She had a baby with her brother in law and she needs to face the music.

Hope is another idiot and what a vulture, the man just lost his child and you want to talk to him. Already talking to anyone who would listen that you will get Liam back. A dead baby is not the time, nor is it the place to discussed your bright future about Liam coming back to you with your aunt and your brother. So much for her being moral and having principles. I guess her moral code is going after a married man who just lost his child and his wife is grieving, guilt ridden, and blaming herself. :censored:

I don't normally cry on soap scenes, but when Steffie was beating the motocycle with the bat, I was bawling. Great acting by JMW.
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