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Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
San telmo ! http://t.co/eW0KQI1pHC

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
la faena hotel http://t.co/7hO5oJC3cm

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
thank you everyone for the amazing response to today's episode! even met a fan in #BuenosAires this morning! the feedback means a lot #DAYS

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
@freddiemsmith can't wait to see you and @camilabanus rocking it. #DAYS

Chandler Massey @ChandlerMassey
Wow. Someone give @BlakeBerris all the Emmys. All of them. I regret hiding behind a shelf, because I didn't get to see his performance live.

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
@ChandlerMassey hahah! thanks my friend. can't wait to see what the fuck you were doing behind that shelf when I come back.
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