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Hypocrite Brooke talks out both sides of her mouth. She condemned Taylor for using Eric but its okay to use him to protect her pregnancy. Then she tells Donna she loves Bill and they within a few day, tells Eric that she never stopped loving him and they could still have a future together :huh?: :what: :wtf: :wtf:
Really Eric, shouldn't you be running to Taylor and kissing the ground she walks on because all her allegations about Brooke and Bill were 100% correct, and how your going to explain to Taylor that Brooke is pregnant with your baby especially when you two have been living together. :toetap:
I hope Brooke's scheme tanks FC into the ground.
Her hypocrite daughter, Hope who dumped Liam in August 2012 and was going to remarry him nine months later without his consent, thinks that Liam will leave Steffy in their time of crisis, is waiting on him to come back to her. All she is going to do is keeping pulling Katies in their relationship(get mad when he doesn't live up to her expectations, dump him, calm down, and decides she wants him back). :rolleyes:

Team free Taylor and Steffy from those losers.
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