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General Hospital Summer 2013 Preview

Roger Howarth’s Character: He makes himself known at the Haunted Star which gets reaction from key residents. He is in Port Charles with a purpose which will affect many people.

Carly: She is suspicious of the new girl in Morgan’s life and is keeping an eye on her. She is also heavily involved on the storyline featuring RH’s character.

Lulu/Dante: Dante continues to fight for his wife and Lulu is on the verge of remembering everything.

Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie: Ellie has decided to keep Maxie’s secret that Spinelli is the father of her baby, but the secret is starting to make both ladies crack.

Britt/Patrick/Sabrina: Sabrina outsmarts Britt and prevents her from moving in with Patrick by moving her in with her. Sabrina and Felix form a plan to get Britt to take a paternity test.

AJ/Elizabeth/Nikolas: Nikolas wants to win Liz’s heart without undermining her relationship with AJ because he knows it will ultimately hurt her. You feel for both guys in this battle for her heart.

Scotty/Laura: They return from their honeymoon at a critical time for Lulu. This forces Laura to interact with Luke. It all affects Laura in a massive way.

Luke/Tracey: They begin to really explore their relationship. Luke’s health is a game changer for them.

Olivia/Sonny/Connie: Olivia and Sonny began to get closer even though he still has feelings for Connie. He is respecting her decision to keep away from him due to her mental health but seeing Sonny getting closer to Olivia might change everything.

Ava/Duke/Anna: Ava has a major impact on the canvas. She loves her daughter but also is not afraid to use her now found relationship to get close to the Quartermains. She plays a role in the ELQ battle Duke questions her connection to the old Jerome family.

Michael/Kiki/Morgan: Kiki and Morgan are hot and heavy, while Kiki and Michael become instant rivals. She gets her thrills tormenting him.

Sam/Silas: Silas is Stephen Clay’s brother. He is blunt and insensitive. He begins to take an interest in Rafe. This cause him and Sam to clash.

Lucy: She becomes involved with Sam and Silas because of Rafe. She begins to put down roots in Port Charles keeping herself busy with fun schemes.

Rafe/Molly/TJ: This triangle will soon become a quad when a new girl comes to town and sets her eyes on TJ.

Shawn/Alexis: Look for a very big story to come their way that will focus on the nature of their relationship.

credit: jcren
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