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May 21 2013, 02:40 AM
The last AJ/Miranda scene on Monday was soo adorable, I LOVED Miranda writing a song for AJ! Kudos to AMC for using Denyse's singing talents like that, she sounded incredible. AJ/Miranda's kiss happened a little quick but I'm glad Miranda ended up running away. I hope they continue to play their relationship out slowly...now that there are only two episodes a week, I'm sure that'll be the case. LOL.

David/Angie are dynamite. Absolutely loving their interactions, Debbi & Vincent always play so well off of each other. Was I the only one wanting David to snuggle up under that blanket with Angie? :P

I just go up & down w/Celia & Pete. I was really annoyed with them yesterday. Jordan Lane Price (Celia) is very hit or miss for me. I found her horrid this time! I think Robert Scott Wilson is still a hit as Petey. I'm ready for Colby to come in & throw a wrench in their relationship.

Billy Clyde Tuggle is a total trip. LOL. Loving him. The church stuff is ridiculously hilarious. I'm glad they've added this sort of light hearted/fun element to the otherwise dark & twisted sex trafficking story (which I think is still going very well).

Bianca confronting JR was epic. Bravo Eden Riegel! She brought it. Ryan Bittle is doing just fine as JR as well. I don't know if I buy this amnesia story though. Some of it doesn't make sense. I hope he's faking it! Also, I'm loving the little JR/Cara developments. They could be really cute!
The church stuff confused me. I was offended by the protesters because they seemed way stereotype. Were they a front? (That is, not real protesters?) Because that was way over-the-top, awful acting and terrible writing and direction if they were supposed to be true Christian protesters.
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