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I quickly fell behind but caught up a bit thanks to A&E's marathons (even though I had all the episodes on my DVR, LOL). Still have to watch the last two episodes so I skipped to the bottom to post.

I really have grown to love Dylan. I couldn't stand him initially. I also think the cast is just fantastic. The show really has this great feel to it. I love everything about it, and of course the nostalgia fanboi in me just loves seeing the Bates house and motel on a weekly basis.

But I really like the development of the characters and how just when you think you 'know' what's going on they rip the bandaid off and holy shit hell breaks loose.

Such a good show and I'm very glad it's coming back. I haven't kept up with the ratings but for A&E, I guess it's doing pretty well? I feel like the initial buzz has worn off, I never see much about it. A&E's shows often seem to just kind of exist without huge social buzz, IMO.

Can't wait to watch the final two episodes. Jere Burns is fantastically creepy and I can't wait to see what his character is about.
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