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S loves EJ

May 22 2013, 08:12 AM
May 22 2013, 08:04 AM
May 21 2013, 03:28 PM
It was a trust that was a long time in the making and it was ugly getting there, but I saw it happen. And it was a payoff for me as a long time fan who understood if didn't necessarily love every up and every down. And Lucas never wanted a Carrie wanna-be (in case that is the implication of your post -I am not sure). He just wanted something unSami in the wake of the Stan wedding, and so that was Carrie. Or he wanted a nonSami after every rough break up with her, thinking he needed an opposite. But it never worked. He even said himself he was going mad (in a bad way) with Carrie, it was a calm, safe "love" that never approached what he had with Sami.

I am biased very much against Sami now, but the reason I loved Lumi is that I could see and understand both their points of view very clearly. Lucas pissed me off and Sami pissed me off and Lucas made me ohso happy and Sami made me ohso happy pretty equally. It would have been great for at some point for Lucas to seem to have "betrayed" Sami the way Kate set her up to w/Brandon, and for him to actively work in a more desperate, urgent way to gain her trust. But I felt he took strides in this direction after the resurrected quadrangle was mercifully put to an end again. That "we love harder than anyone I know" speech he gave was one of the best moments from recent Days memory for me.

The Sami that was with Rafe was never the Sami I saw with Lucas. I couldn't love one and detest the other as much as I did were they the same. And there were other intervening events that occurred to shape the Safe romance, or Sami within it, that did not point back to Lucas and Lumi, so I don't trace the trajectory back to him.

I am bowing out here ;)
I know you bowed out, but to clarify - I don't think the Sami who was with Rafe was the same Sami who was with Lucas, either. If she had been, I would have never become an ejami, because I would have started hating her a decade ago. I just feel that she wouldn't have ended up where she did without Lucas helping put her on that path. And I do think that Lucas wanted a Sami who was more like Carrie than like Sami.

And on the other topic, I'm putting in my vote for Sly.
You didn't need to clarify, I understood what you meant. I just vehemently disagree. In my post I said the Samis weren't the same, yes, but I also don't see the one derived from the other. Which I gathered is what you meant, which is why I say I don't trace the trajectory of that Sami to Lumi - or Lucas within Lumi necessarily. And Lucas did not want a more Carrie-like Sami. At times maybe, but this again is what I mean about the evolution/complexities of that relationship - which made it so interesting to me. I just disagree and I don't want to get into what I think his psychology motivating his roller-coaster of decisions was, and what he thought he wanted, what Lucas really did want, etc. I could write encyclopedias about it, but not here (like I haven't already?! ;) )
I didnīt thought about the bowing out comment but I wasnīt trying to start a big discussion again I just wanted to clarify a fiew things, but in case I failed to clarify it I donīt think Sami is the same with Lucas as she is with Rafe either, at least I liked Lumi even if it canīt compare to how much I have loved Ejami where as I canīt stand Safe.
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