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Sweet and Salty

May 21 2013, 08:55 PM
Fabulous!! Just fabulous. See what these young actors are capable of with strong material?! They shine! I can't imagine how watching this back hasn't inspired the Days team to get working on providing more for them.

Okay, I was rolling at Sami's line to Kate about Rafe seeing the light, or just seeing her in the light! :P Slam!

Another great slap on Sami to add to her slap montage. I must say my favorite ones have to be Carrie's, but Marlena's always come across with the sharpest sting.

I'd be much more excited to watch someone other than a disgruntled Ej take down the powerful Stefano. I just feel that there are other characters due that honor if it takes place. But, I'm happy to see more Justin! He's the guy I'm curious to see what will happen to as a result down the line.

JJ needs to be more devious in his teenage undertakings. Breaking a child's toy train is lame and he obviously has to take the fall for it.

Go Hope! Nice shot!

Jensen you are all kinds of creepy! Great casting for a temporary baddie!
I totally feel the same about JJ. Lets step up the vengeance! Lets step up the anger for the way Jen Jen just dropped the ball on Jack while he was kidnapped!
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