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May 22 2013, 08:52 AM
May 22 2013, 08:14 AM
I know that I'm not supposed to snicker at Sonny today, but some of his lines were killing me! Asking Gabi why she needed to push asking her if maybe they could still make it to the hospital. LOL! All in all, those scenes were great, along with the Will, Nick, creepy ass freak scene. With each passing day, I hate that clueless bitch Jennifer and her dumbass daughter more. No wonder JJ is an angry, destructive mess. That selfish wench cared more about getting back on Daniel's glow stick than helping her own son deal with the loss of his father. Bitch deserves whatever she gets now. Her reaction to that stupid MP3 player and that damn train set was ridiculous. :flipoff:
I have no sympathy for Jen-Jen: in a nutshell, she put her need for a man over her son's need for a parent, and now it's coming back to bite her in the ass. She and Abigail still have no idea that JJ isn't on the same emotional page as they are: all "happy-happy-joy-joy" and oblivious, and moving on to the extent that they've already replaced Jack in their lives and hearts, whatever lip service they pay to his memory. TIIC clearly want viewers to move on too, and accept Daniel as the next great love of Jennifer's life. (Fat chance, chimps. There's only one substantive way to fix this clusterfuck, and you're all too egotistical and pig-headed to do it . . . yet.) At this point, I wouldn't blame JJ for burning down the Horton house with his mother and sister inside. As it is, he's just breaking things--inanimate objects that can be easily replaced, Jen-Jen's ridiculous, over-the-top reaction notwithstanding. I hope he adopts a more subtle approach, though--if only because it would be more entertaining. Unfortunately, I don't think this regime is capable of "subtle."
Its been a long time since I watched Days but since GH is bit of a hot mess I started watching to see what they were going to do with JJ and I LOVE this kid. My only issue is that I was hoping they would make him a little more like the younger Jack with intelligence and suaveness, maybe a little chip on his shoulder. Although it seems like JJ is purposely playing up the "little boy Horton" act. Hopefully he will turn it on soon. I really don't want a Nick redo of good boy gone bad but I need a Jack fix and JJ can do that. Oh and to TBTB, I don't think I will ever buy JJ accepting Daniel even thought I am sure Dr. Tan will save Jenn, Abby, JJ and the dolphins eliciting praise by all. I do howeevr llike that they keep showing Jenn and Abby putting everyone phone call and text before helping JJ because well they have pretty much ignored the kid since they got to Salem.
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