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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Kristen tries to reunite with Brady; Sami wants to know why no one was informed of Jensen's release; Stefano becomes jealous of Kate's relationship with Rafe; Kate levels an accusation at E.J. and Sami.

David and Jennifer begin to suspect J.J.; E.J. hears Kate and Sami arguing about Rafe; Stefano uses Bernardi to take revenge against Rafe; Gabi opens up to Will about her relationship; Cameron and Chad fight over Abigail.

J.J.'s behavior puts Parker at risk; E.J. tries to assess Sami's feelings towards Rafe; Gabi and Nick discuss the future; Kate tries to fix things with Stefano; Adrienne tells Sonny his future with Will may be harder than he thinks.


National Enquirer Spoilers

A very desperate Kristen tries her hardest to win back Brady

Stefano plots against Kate's lover

Daniel's car is vandalized again

Gabi and Nick have a heart-to-heart over their future

Cameron and Chad throw down

credit: jcren

**UPDATED 5/23**

Monday ("Winning Back Brady")
Kristen tries to win back Brady's affections; Stefano's jealousy gets the better of him.

Tuesday ("Suspicions")
Gabi tells Will that she is having doubts about her marriage.

Wednesday ("Dangerous Situation")
EJ vows to find out how much Sami cares for Rafe; Gabi and Nick have a realistic talk about their future; Kate attempts to make amends with Stefano.
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