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I don't know. I think it's reversed in 2013 so far. Other than getting EJ, pretty much everything Sami has tried to do this year has not worked out for her. And based on spoilers, it looks like that will continue to be the case. Meanwhile, Nicole is falling in love and increasingly getting support from a lot of different citizens of Salem. Sami is winning in failing this year, hence she's more fun right now.
Sami has four children, her choice of homes, an extended family that love her even though she hurts them, a grandchild on the way and two men kissing her ass even though they know she cheats in a heartbeat. It would be three if one wasn't in a coma.

Nicole lives in a convent, has two dead babies, no family in town, despite beauty, loyalty, humour, and itelligance this twilight zone town claims that no man actually wants her.

The people in town supporting Nicole will call her a whore and turn on her in a heartbeat when the guy she's falling in love with returns her feelings.
Right and when they start calling her a whore, that's when Nicole's life will get more interesting again. At the moment, she doesn't have much going on and no conflict coming her way. Pretty much all the good guys in Salem seem fine with Nicole nowadays. Sami's own grandmother had a cup of coffee with Nicole and snarked on Sami with her. She even had Jennifer thanking her. Nicole is having her fantasies, being a good friend and biding her time in the convent until something interesting happen to her.

I won't disagree that life has been kinder to Sami over the last four years than it has been to Nicole. Again, it's those challenges that made Nicole more fun to watch from 2008-2012. She became one of my favorite characters as I watched her constantly strive and fail. On the other hand, Sami went from being one of my favorites to being pretty blah to me as she strived and succeeded or at least got a ton of sympathy as a poor, little victim. I don't see as much success coming to Sami now and, based on spoilers, that looks like it will continue. As a long-time Sami fan, I welcome her failures. And as a big Nicole fan, I hope she starts to get some new challenges.
Perfectly said. I became a Nicole fan because of all that she's been through the last several years. And given that I started out hating her and her baby stealing ways with the fire of 10000 suns - that's saying something. AZ took the juicy material she was given and ran with it - and sucked me right the hell into it and before I knew it I found myself enjoying Nicole and invested in her stories. And at that same time, I was becoming less and less interested in Sami as she was being reformed into a Carrie-ized version of herself.

I am looking forward to seeing what's in store for Nicole. Personally I'm glad they didn't strap her down with a baby - at least at this point. I think the Ericole story has the potential to be pretty epic and I'm looking forward to watching it unfold.
Sami is still getting her ass kissed instead of called out for her cheating and giving sexual pleasure to the rapist who tortured Rafe and her family. And has been instintly forgiven for treating Lucas and Rafe like shit without remorse. That removes the drama from that situation.

a baby wouldn't strap Nicole down, in fact they drained the drama right out of the ericole story that having a baby by EJ would bring. Roman and Marlena and Roman and Anna have children and they aren't together, Billy and Bo weren't together and they had a child etc...

I honestly don't see the appeal of watching AS's veins bulge out of her neck while she stomps around screaming like a two-year-old. I don't grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show when I see a child throw a fit in a store.
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