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Watching Nicole always striving, struggle for a shred of happiness has become tiresome to me. I honestly don't know how much longer I can hold on hoping that one day she will find love, baby or whatever. And no I don't think fantasizing about Eric the priest counts. We haven't seen any sign that ericole are going any where. Eric isn't rushing to rip off that collar to be with her. He's not struggling with his own feelings for her. The onus of their story is that yet again she's lusting after someone who's not interested in her and that no longer interests me. She deserves better than that.

It's not difficult to see that Sami always wins, be it men, children or family. It feels like there's just less than a handful of people left in Salem who see her for the screwed up individual she is and Nicole can't have one family member, not one man love her and want to be with her despite all her flaws, not even one child that is hers; she could adopt but with her record it seems unlikely. She is supposedly surrounded by all these 'good' men but she is still extremely lonely and things don't look like they're about to change any time soon. I want better for my favourite. I don't want her to be anything like Sami, I don't want her anywhere near Sami but for crying out loud give Nicole something after years of heartache, having nothing and near misses.
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