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May 20 2013, 10:31 AM
I really hope they choose not to have Nick's homophobe behavior excused away because of being raped in prison. Pretty much all people who are homophobe's do not have an excuse for it. They are just haters. Similar to people who hate just because of another persons skin color, religion, etc. I think it almost says he has an excuse for hating and does not address the bigger issue that most people hate because of ignorance and they were taught to hate. That story would be much more interesting to me because it is what faces our entire country. To say he was raped so therefore he hates somehow minimizes the bigger issue for me.
How can you not feel sorry for Nick, just a little bit. Why didn't he tell Vargas to fuck off in the hospital today? Seriously, Nick's self-loathing was heartbreaking today. They better get him some major therapy or write him out of the show. Enough with the prison bitch stuff. Vargas is disgusting, and frankly I tire of seeing Nic-whore in a rectory with Vargas and clueless father Eric. If they want us to think father eric is sexy then they better do something about his hair. He looks like a douche.
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