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May 22 2013, 01:25 AM
Only 2 episodes left. This season has just flown by. Really looking forward to the final two episodes. But I really need some huge things to happen.
I'm so there with you on that last part. I'm getting frustrated with the pacing, especially with the Arya storyline. I get that her journey is important but it's not been a journey so much as...people carrying her around for 3-5 minutes an episode.

Also, I hope the big guy didn't really leave the weapon behind after killing the zombie.

I wonder if Joffrey is going to kill his grandfather (with or without his mother's position). He knows his grandfather isn't telling him everything, he tried to off his uncle (if we trust his mother on that), his grandfather shut him down about the bedding ceremony and whatnot...it seems like sooner or later he would take grandpa down.
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