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I find nothing wrong with GH Previews.

Roger Howarth and Laura Wright together again!

Roger Howarth’s Character: He makes himself known at the Haunted Star which gets reaction from key residents. He is in Port Charles with a purpose which will affect many people.

I am 100% positive RH is Franco. RC is going to keep RH and KA as a father/daughter pairing, because that's were her chemistry shines through the most and it should payoff when Kiki discovers her Franco is her father. Ava Jerome is just another Diane Jenkins. Ready for this party so he can finally reveal his self.

Lulu/Dante: Dante continues to fight for his wife and Lulu is on the verge of remembering everything.

I like the idea of RC bringing ER's Lulu on with amnesia, but Dante is overly annoying and I'm just ready for to remember so he can shut up. DZ and JMB were fresh, but became boring. DZ and ER just look great together so it should be refreshing.

Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie: Ellie has decided to keep Maxie’s secret that Spinelli is the father of her baby, but the secret is starting to make both ladies crack.

Bad move Ellie. When Spinelli finds out, that relationship is over and Ellie will depart Port Charles! Can't see her around long after this, which is bound to happen.

Britt/Patrick/Sabrina: Sabrina outsmarts Britt and prevents her from moving in with Patrick by moving her in with her. Sabrina and Felix form a plan to get Britt to take a paternity test.

Sabrina was so much better when she was Ugly Better. Since she became the not so Ugly Betty, she's been a reminder of Theresa from Passions fighting Britch (Gwen) over Patrick (Ethan). I can't wait for Britch to get caught up with, though.

Later for more thoughts...

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