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Sweet and Salty
May 23 2013, 07:35 AM
May 22 2013, 09:32 PM
Chad & Abigail_D
May 22 2013, 02:46 PM
Hope was made of so much win today! Shooting Jensen, kneeling beside Will and talking to him. Stepped between Sami & Nick. Told the story about how Will saved Nick, and Sonny delivered Arianna Grace. And last but not least, to see her beautiful smile- even though she talked to Fauxman on the phone filling him in. KA :wub:

I was thrilled to see Vargas turn up at the hospital and walk over to Hope. Loved his smile towards the end of their last scene...
Sean Douglas' smile kills me! it really does! :wub:
For a girl who like facial hair (neatly taken care of) I just need this guy to clean up! Maybe facial hair just isn't his look for me, or maybe it's the same stupid shirt....but he just needs to do something. Change something! At least his shirt!
I agree.Vargas always looks grimy to me.After seeing his smarmy convict interaction with Hope then threatening demeanor toward Nick my revulsion toward this character continues.I could never accept Hope bringing this guy into her life as a romantic partner especially with a young child in her home.As a parent,she should put the welfare of her child ahead of what she might personally want in a relationship when it comes to bringing a guy ino her life who has been in prison for ten years.Based on what I have seen of Vargas thus far,I would never want him as a romantic partner with any character male/female on the show that I actually like.
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