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May 22 2013, 09:58 AM
May 22 2013, 09:40 AM
I know this is the wrong thread for this information but I couldn't find the right one :D .

Sami wants to know why no one was informed of Jensen's release
here comes Sami blaming everyone for Will getting shot.
If she really wants to know, the answer is: Hope was notified, but because you left Ciara alone in Hope's office, she decided to hide the letter so that her mommy wouldn't get stuck at work doing more & so they could go see the panda. Therefore, you yourself, Sami, are partly to blame.
I hope Hope slaps Sami if she try to accuse her.
I too hope that Hope slaps Sami and borrows a leaf from Kate and calls Sami the rotten bitch that she is.If Sami could not watch Ciara,she should have said so to Hope before Hope left the room,not agree or remain silent then leave a child alone in a police station.If the police station was so safe,Ciara being alone was not a problem,Hope would not have asked Sami to watch her.
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