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I know I am comparing apples to oranges to pears on this, but while Gabi's labour scenes with Sonny were entertaining, they were nowhere near the caliber of Jack and Jennifer (Abby's birth) or John and Marlena (Belle's birth). It just was lacking in some way, can't put a finger on it. It was entertaining, but it lacked the proper intensity given their situation. Also, I found the emotion from Gabi's part to be quite lacking. For a very good actress, it does not matter whether you are a mother (or not), have given birth (or not) to be able to give a credible performance. Hell, Gabi was giving birth and she did not even look a bit disheveled at all. :D

Jack and Jennifer's scenes when Abby was born were very entertaining and very, well, Jack and Jennifer. John and Marlena's + Kristen's scenes when Belle was born was very intense and emotional. I remember DHer / Marlena looked like hell (like a real woman giving birth), the emotions were so palpable, and I was cringing almost the whole time I was watching the process as it felt real (made me real scared about experiencing childbirth myself, that intense).

The baby (Arianna Grace) is super adorable, though. :D
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