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May 24 2013, 02:18 PM
GH's epis with the Chew were horrible...and I know if I was forced to write cross promotion for the show that took away the show I wrote for then I'd make the Chew look horrible too...but let's face it...no one wanted to see that shit....

But with today's Days episode, I will predict that in a matter of a month we'll be discussing just how awful Days is....Days can't write outside of sweeps to save their life.
I agree. The episode with the chew was horrible.
I miss the old Lulu.
The new Morgan is annoying.
Liz was never a favourite of mine, and having two men chasing her doesn't interest me all that much.
Kiki or the actress that play's her is not very good. I think she was much better when she was much younger. I would not have minded if they did not bring her back to GH but, I guess she is popular why they felt the need. I was always bored with her scenes.
I miss Jason. Sam and Jason were one of my fav. pairings on GH. Loved Dante and Lulu but, can't get use to the new actress. I guess I should give her more time.
My favourite of the 3 from OLTL was RH. I wanted him to come back. Did not care much about the other 2. I don't think John or whatever he is called now, has much chemistry with Sam. Not the kind that she had with Jason, but it is obvious the writers are going to put them together.
I don't like Patrick with Sabrina. I liked him better with Robin. I Actually prefer his scenes with Brit more than his scenes with Sabrina. I would have rooted for Britt and Patrick if they were not making Brit to be evil.

The above are the reasons why I currently find GH boring, but it is still watchable. The writers of GH are better story tellers than the Days writers and I never complain about them turning the characters into total idiots or them taking away what principles the character have or had in order to sell their story.

Even though all my favourite pairings on GH has all broken up, or gone from the show, I am still enjoying Tracey, Carly most times, Sonny, Kate/Connie when she is on Dante's mum. SPinellie and his new girl is growing on me. I really prefer her to Maxie, simply because of the way Maxie use to treat him. I also hope I am going to continue to like RH character. I am also hoping that Luke gets back together with Tracy. I enjoyed the way Tracy told him off the other day. He deserved every bit of it.
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