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Grandpa Hughes
May 24 2013, 02:21 PM
It's obvious that PP has no idea what they're doing. And poor Agnes Nixon. That statement was a lot of double talk. I'm not even sorry about not being able to access these shows. So much for a "new model ". This is classic TV network blundering.
They don't and Jill Larson said as much in her paos revolution interview


Jill- We have an agreement to go through one cycle which was originally through October but has ow been extended to November. There will be 52 weeks of shows instead of 42 so no downtime as was planned before. This is a huge experiment. They're making it up as they go along but in the best way. We know that it's hard for everyone not to go to "cancellation" thoughts initially but please know that Prospect Park believes in the shows. They hope this is the beginning of the next 40 years. They are exploring and discovering things to make this a reality. Try not to be scared.
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