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Brooke has compassion and was shown that in the Stephanie storylines. After years of being called the Slut of the Valley, she was always able to put it aside and show compassion for Stephanie, especially during her final moments.

Taylor only cares about Taylor and her children, while putting herself ahead of everyone else. And putting her unwanted two cents where it doesn't belong. I'm glad she's leaving, maybe the show can be tolerable for once.

Taylor should have stayed dead years ago.

Really, Brooke is compassionate? Was she compassionate when she slept with her daughter's husband? Was she compassionate when she slept with her sister's husband? Was she compassionate when she slept with Eric knowing he was married? I could go on, but I think you are getting the point. Okay so Brooke spent sometime with Stephanie before she passed. Should she be forgiven for being a constant home-wrecker? Put yourself in the person position who was the victim of a home-wrecker. It is very unforgiving.
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