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I would let Rafe die.
Paternity test is done on AG and it turns out that Will is not the father. Andrew is, and through that Gabiís past crimes come out. With Rafe dead and the town not so nice to her, Gabi runs back to Mama Hernandez with her baby.
I think that Victor and Stefano need true successors. I would let EJ and Kristen to be Stefanoís and I would bring Philip Kiriakis and Alex Kiriakis to be Victors.
I would bring Sonnyís ex in as a new bad Dimera. Obviously gay or bi. I see EJ and Kirsten as focusing on making Marlena, Sami and Lucasís life a living hell. And this new guy can be the enemy of the Kiriakis.
I would hook Kate up with Victor or Stefano. She would go back to being her bad self. So does Nicole. She can hook up with EJ.
I would have Kristen kill Eric and let that lead into the end of Ejami.
I would let Sami and Lucas find their way back to each other.
I bring back old Roman. I would get rid of John, Brady and Cameron.
I would end the Victor/Maggie marriage. Either get rid of Maggie or let her be the Horton matriarchy.
I would bring Kaylaís family in.
I would bring Jack back. He survived the elevator but badly hurt and some crazy woman who was stalking him saved him and decided to keep him until he escaped. Dannifer would be dead and buried under million feet.
Chloe comes back and gets her son and she reveals that he is Philips after all. Hook her back up with Philip.

That is it for now.
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