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This week was not so entertaining.

Todd/Victor feud falls flat because Victor is not even there to spice things up. And the focus on "Victor" and the tattoo on the dead body doesn't work either because we all know he is not dead. So even exploring comes up as lazy writing.

I like that Viki is having a crisis with running The Banner in the digital age. That is timely and relates to what is happening in the newspaper industry all around. But the crisis does not feel real enough. To make the idea of Vicki having to lay long-time staff members off that would cause such a conundrum, The Banner would have to be in state where she is going to have to declare bankruptcy on a principle loan from the past that kept the news organization afloat during the 2008 recession.

Something is needed though to make me connect more with it.

When it comes to Dani and Matthew it is as if the writers have clearly decided to alienate these two characters from the rest of the cast. Especially their parents and family members, just to try and push that they want the audience to view them as a future couple. I might need to add that this show started with Dani overdosing on drugs and since then she has not even taken another hit? This from a young woman who was to supposedly have fallen off the track due to her mother's distance from her and the loss of her dad. It appears to me from a writing and storytelling standpoint that Dani should be struggling more with drugs and having Matthew trying to save her as the source of what would draw them together. She should be a walking-talking bitch of an addict who goes through all the stages of addiction and would lead to an intervention of sorts. That is how this story should be told.
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