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Viewing Single Post From: DR Countdown: 20 Most Wanted Returns
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For the last two weeks we’ve been reading your posts and tweets about the characters from the past you’d most like to see return. The responses were great! See if your favorites made the list.

First we have our runners up. These characters all got a lot of votes, but not quite enough to make our list. Interestingly, there was an even amount of males and females, and the characters have a pretty broad age range. In case you're curious, the ones on the outside are the ones with the most votes. Do you recognize everyone?

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20. Roman Brady - Wayne Northrop
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Sure, sure. Roman Brady is technically still on the show. He’s walking around with Chris Kositchek’s face, but he’s there. It’s been almost twenty years since the last time we saw Wayne Northrop’s Roman, and Josh Taylor has had the role longer than either of the previous two actors to portray Roman. Regardless, there are still many who miss the original. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the character we see once every few weeks is still supposed to be the guy who finally stopped the Salem Strangler, held on to the bottom of a flying helicopter to stop Stefano DiMera, and resorted to blackmail to keep his daughter from the dangerous Austin Reed. Northrop’s Roman was not only one of the first major Days heroes of the 80s, he was also one half of one the first supercouples the show would later be so famous for. I know there are many people who would be willing to turn a blind eye if TPTB wanted to just switch actors and pretend nothing ever happened.

19. Stephanie Johnson - Shelley Hennig
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Shelley Hennig was the second adult actress to portray the daughter of Steve and Kayla Johnson. During her time on the show, Shelley Hennig really grew into her own. In a span of four years her character was raped, stuffed into a morgue drawer, had a brief pain pills addiction, and was involved in a paternity swap. However, there’s still a lot of story left for Stephanie. For starters, she didn’t even get a real exit, and she was single when she left! Her parents’ wedding was the most watched episode of Days ever. Maybe one day she can give them a run for their money.

18. Eve Donovan - Charlotte Ross
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As patience with Jennifer has grown thin recently, requests for the return of Eve Donovan have increased. More than once over the last few years on our board Eve has been referred to as what Sami Brady wishes she could be. Charlotte Ross has had a relatively busy career since leaving Days, and I don’t even remember the last time Eve was mentioned, but more extreme returns have happened...

17. Peter Blake - Jason Brooks
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If ever there were a perfect time to bring back Peter Blake, it’s now. Kristen is in town. Jennifer is in town. There’s about to be a struggle for the DiMera business. Look, if Stefano has had Kristen out of that harem for the last decade, does anyone really believe he’s left Peter to rot in prison? Also, look how pretty.

16. Calliope Jones Bradford - Arleen Sorkin
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Calliope is one of those characters that’s just hard to explain. You kind of had to be there. She was a perfect match for the quirky Eugene Bradford, and she’s mostly remembered for her zany antics. She was a part of some pretty major stories, though, including the three prisms story that led to the eventual deaths of Daphne DiMera and Roman Brady. She’s visited Salem a few times since her exit. Her last run didn’t leave her with a very happy ending, so it sure would be nice to see her get some closure.

15. Don Craig - Jed Allan
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Don Craig was a part of the show for about 15 years and was on contract for 10. He was a pretty major player, especially in the late 70's. He had a tragic backstory, a long lost troublemaking daughter, and an ever changing love life that kept him in the forefront for years. Then one day he went to get the mail. That was it. He is still mentioned every few years. Three of the women he was involved with during his tenure on the show are still a part of the cast, and one of them is semi-single.

14. Kimberly Brady Donovan - Patsy Pease
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Kim Brady is basically the poster girl for soap heroine victimization. There’s very little that didn’t happen to her. From childhood sexual abuse to kidnappings to multiple personalities to murder accusations to miscarriage...she did it all. Patsy isn’t the only actress to portray Kim, but she was the main one. We’ve seen her off and on through the years, and her last short stint even included the long awaited Kim/Shane reunion. Kim still has two siblings, two nieces, two nephews, and a mother with Alzheimer’s in town. Not to mention, she has two kids many would still love to see make their way to Salem.

13. Alex Marshall - Quinn Redeker
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Alex was the bad guy that was just fun to hate. His crimes ranged from drug ring involvement to attempted murder. He had nefarious involvement with the Andersons, the Chandlers, and even the DiMeras in their early days. He eventually went to prison for setting fire to the Salem Inn in order to collect on the insurance. Presumably he’s still there. Alex is another character whose return could be perfect right now. Nick Fallon is his grandson, and now that they’ve both spent some time in prison, they probably have a lot to talk about.

12. Eugene Bradford- John deLancie
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Oh, Eugene. Most memories of Eugene Bradford involve his psychic visions, his robot, and his time machine, but Eugene didn’t start out that way. He was initially a patient of Marlena’s haunted by the death of his wife and the thought that he might have been the one to kill her. He kidnapped Marlena and was only seconds away from raping her when Roman stopped him. His character came along way from the creepy Salem Strangler suspect. His best friend, and once best man in his wedding, Marlena is still around. Interestingly enough, the Bradford family was initially the family involved in a vendetta against the DiMeras. The last time we saw him he was dealing with some time machine drama. Calliope has let us know that he’s at least in the present now.

11. Mike Horton
Wesley Eure

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Michael T. Weiss
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Roark Critchlow
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This might be our most complicated wishful return. At least 15 actors have been credited with portraying Mike. To be fair, some of those were children. Wesley Eure had the role the longest (7 years). He took Mike through learning the truth of his paternity (can you believe this took 8 years to come out? And of course Mike has been highly SORASed by the time it actually did) to his relationship with Margo who would eventually die from leukemia. The most popular Mike seems to be Michael T’s Weiss. It was Weiss’ Mike that worked as a doctor, entered into a complicated relationship with the Jewish Robin Jacobs, had a son (Jeremy), and often had to help his grandparents deal with his troublemaker kid sister Jennifer. The last person to play Mike was Roark Critchlow. Critchlow’s Mike was still a doctor, had to deal with his mother who finally was released from the sanitarium, had an affair with Carrie Brady, and was involved in an intense run for chief of staff against Craig Wesley. Mike is a Horton, and we’re constantly asking for more Hortons. The hospital is still featured prominently, and Jeremy could still be fleshed out.

Come back tomorrow to see who made the top 10! I don't think you'll be too surprised by number one, but we were surprised by number two!
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