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Before we get to our top ten, here’s a photo of a few people who got several votes but weren’t included on the list. We chose not to include them because they’re all still part of the show. However, they all got enough votes to warrant a mention. All of these characters have a place on the current canvas, and many would like to see them more.

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And now on to our top ten. In case you’re interested, there was no contest for number one. Numbers two, three, four, and five were all incredibly close as were numbers six and seven. The top seven were all significantly higher than the rest.

10. Shawn Douglas Brady - Jason Cook
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Shawn is the oldest child of Days’ signature couple. He was onscreen almost his entire life, so it's hard to believe he hasn’t been seen in Salem in five years! In the early 2000's, Shawn seemed poised to take over his father’s role in Salem. He had a budding relationship with the daughter of another high profile Days couple, he was kidnapped and held in a cage, and he had even driven his motorcycle through a church window. And then Jason Cook left. There was a recast, but the character only stayed around about another year and a half. Shawn has a plethora of family still in Salem, including his mother and younger sister. In the last five years he’s missed his parents’ break-up and then subsequent reunion, his beloved great grandmother’s funeral, and his mother’s stint in prison. His age group has been lacking a strong presence, and it’s almost unfathomable that Bo and Hope’s son has been gone for this long.

9. Belle Brady Black
Kirsten Storms

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Martha Madison
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Belle is another missing legacy character. She was onscreen from the day she was born. With the help of some pretty rapid SORASing we saw Belle go from the baby in the middle of a love triangle to a young teenager in her first romantic relationship to a young mother in love with a man who wasn’t her husband. Three actress have portrayed the grown up Belle. The middle one is infamous online for her three week stint. The other two both have a good bit of support from the fans. Kirsten Storms personified the perky teenaged Belle, while Martha Madison portrayed the more adult Belle. Belle floated off into the sunset with Shawn and their daughter Claire five years ago. With John, Marlena, and Brady in the middle of a big family brawl, is there ever a more perfect time to see Belle return?

8. Vivian Alamain - Louise Sorel
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During her tenure on the show, there wasn’t much Vivian didn’t do. She’s buried two people alive and was buried alive herself. She had a pretty creepy relationship with her beloved nephew. She had herself implanted with Kate and Victor’s embryos. Vivian had a pretty good run in the 90s and then returned a couple of years ago. During her last stint we found out she had an Australian son. A lot of us are still really unsure what that was about. Currently, she’s living in India as a Bollywood star. We’re even more unsure what that is about. Vivian, like Calliope and Don, is another one of those characters who just plain deserved a better ending. She still has enemies all over Salem, and John is still technically her adopted nephew.

7. Philip Kiriakis - Jay Kenneth Johnson
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Philip was a part of the same teen group as Shawn and Belle. The three were part of a longstanding triangle that actually managed to switch gears and become more interesting after a Belle recast. Johnson’s Philip has the trademark Kiriakis dimples. He’s been the villain, the hero, the romantic, and the loser in love. Philip still has both parents in Salem, a brother, nieces and nephews, and cousins. Since he was last in town his mother has divorced Stefano DiMera, and his father has married Maggie Horton. Earlier this year, he lost a child offscreen. We didn’t even get to see him grieve his loss. Philip also has another son out there that we haven’t seen in years. There are so many possibilities for Philip.

6. Carrie Brady Reed - Christie Clark
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Carrie has been off and onscreen since she first came to Salem in 1982. In the 90s she was set to be the next big heroine, following in the footsteps of her aunts and stepmother, but that all disappeared when Clark chose to leave. She’s been back twice since then. Most recently she returned as a lawyer who had a thing for Rafe Hernandez. When she left she was pregnant with Austin’s child. As far as we know, she’s still pregnant. Three fifths of Carrie’s parents are still in Salem, along with her grandmother, three of four siblings, and an abundance of aunts and cousins. But what was most referenced in wanting Carrie to return is a chance to see her relationship with her mother revisited.
5. Tony DiMera/Andre DiMera - Thaao Penghlis
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Thaao Penghlis has played both Tony DiMera and Tony’s identical cousin Andre. Fans are split on which one they want to see back. We’re not so sure that it matters. Tony and Andre add a unique suave and mysterious presence to Days. Tony had a pretty horrific death four years ago, while Andre died nearly six years ago. Of course, that’s no big deal. It wasn’t the first time either of them had died anyway. Over the last few years, Tony/Andre has missed the reveal of a new DiMera brother, the death of his beloved sister Lexie, and another fake death of Stefano. With a budding power struggle for control of DiMera Enterprises and the return of Kristen, it’s hard to imagine a better time to see one or both of them return.

4. Bo Brady - Peter Reckell
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We could go off about this one. Bo Brady has been one of the icons of Days of Our Lives for thirty years. He made up one half of Days’ most notorious supercouple. He was a major part of many of the most famous Days’ scenes. He exited the show last October. For a character like Bo Brady, we expected something huge. Sure, his exit was sweet enough. He gave up his career and life of adventure to help his mother get the treatment she needed for Alzheimer’s. But uh...Caroline came back, and Bo just didn’t. He’s just out there somewhere while his wife and daughter have been left to face the world alone indefinitely. It’s hard enough losing a major fan favorite character. It’s even harder when they don’t get the exit they deserve.

3. Steve Johnson - Stephen Nichols
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Speaking of crappy exits, Steve had one of the worst! He actually didn’t even have one. One day he and Kayla were just gone. Kayla has returned, but as is often the case when one half of a couple returns without the other half, Kayla’s character has really been paralyzed by his absence. Steve was the classic bad boy turned good. He started out pretty creepy and menacing, but by the time he died five years later he was happily married with a beautiful baby girl. It was hard not to root for Steve as we learned about his past and his family. The Johnson family scenes are still discussed online often. His return in 2006 happened at a horrible time. Steve and Kayla became the victims of inconsistent writing through multiple regime changes. Not long after Steve and Kayla left Salem in 2009, their daughter was kidnapped by the DiMeras. Steve’s absence and fury were greatly missed. Over the last few years we’ve missed multiple opportunities to see all of the Johnson siblings reunited. Steve and Kayla’s young son has only been seen briefly, but he’s still in Salem. But perhaps most notably, his Sweetness is in Salem.

2. Anna Fredericks DiMera- Leann Hunley
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It’s been three years since we last saw Anna. Until last year, we assumed she was still on the run after helping EJ kidnap Sydney, but just last year Carrie talked to her on the phone and everything seemed to be back to normal. Anna has been a fun character ever since she first appeared 31 years ago. Anna has a flair for the overdramatic, and she flawlessly rides the line between villain and heroine. Her rivalries and relationships are what good soap opera is made of. We went decades without seeing her, but she popped back up in 2007 to help with the Brady/DiMera vendetta, and she was finally reunited with Tony. As was mentioned earlier, there are a lot of fans who still want to see her relationship with her daughter Carrie revisited.

1. Jack Deveraux - Matt Ashford
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It really shouldn’t come as any surprise that Jack is Daytime Royalty’s most wanted return. It hasn’t even been a year since he died in that elevator shaft, but Jack is no stranger to death. He came back to life after having all of his organs donated, surely he can survive an elevator crash. Jack was a complex character played by a skilled actor. Ashford’s Jack started out as a villain, but over the years we watched as he played out one of the best redemption stories Days has ever done. Several other actors have portrayed Jack, but Ashford is the one most remembered and revered. When Jack died, he left behind a wife, two children, a sister, and two nephews. His awkward relationship with his sister in-law was always interesting to watch. I don’t know if “disappointment” is a strong enough word for what was felt during his last run, and then to have it end the way it did was just frustrating beyond belief for his fans. As Ashford has forcibly come and gone constantly over the last decade, his fan support has not wavered.
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