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It's nice to see Jack in the #1 spot--I thought he'd at least crack the top 5. And yeah, "disappointment" is putting it mildly when it comes to MA's last ousting."Disgust" and "outrage" come closest, for me. The worse part is, there was so much potential with Jack's return. After being treated like comic relief for far too much of his second run, he returned as a strong, dramatic character (minus the stupid cake fall entrance in his first days back) who was struggling with PTSD and the bitter knowledge that his loved ones had given up on him and moved on without him. We got to see facets of Jack we hadn't seen before or hadn't seen in years, the storyline got some positive press and won a PRISM award, and MA got an Emmy nomination and an episode featuring Jack's breakdown in a snowbound cabin possibly clinched a Best Writing Emmy for the show last year. So, of course, the story got cut short, the incoming regime fired MA, and Jack got killed off again, mainly so the show could revive the Daniel/Jennifer pairing that didn't exactly set the world on fire the first time around. For that alone, I'd rejoice to see TomSell get the boot, though there are many other reasons I think they need to go.

Not surprised by the remaining top 10--and all of them are characters with strong family ties to the canvas and/or memorable previous runs. So why is the show casting/focusing on so many relative newbies?
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