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The Scorpion
May 27 2013, 10:43 AM
May 27 2013, 09:05 AM
What I will never understand is why writers have to take characters to a place that would make it hard for you to root for the character or the popular couple again. I love Jarlena and although I loved Izzy B and John together, even throughout that story I realized that a part of John could never get over Marlena and as the story progressed it was more and more evident. HE loved Isabella intensely but Marlena was the love of his life. They could have done this story so that they don't tarnish John in the process. To top it all off they are showing that Kristen does love Brady, so WTF, now not only are Jarlena ruined and John is in the crapper but any chance that Bristen just had was just thrown out the window. This story could have happened without what is happening now.... and it wouldn't have hurt anyone that much...he could have set his plan in motion and when he made it to the hotel to meet Kristen someone knocked him over the head....Kristen and the person would later proceed to place him in bed with Kristen....take pictures that could end up being forwarded to Marlena but in reality John would have never slept with Kristen, and he'd have to set out to prove his innocence to Marlena. The revelation of the person that assisted Kristen could be revealed later.....was it Stefano? Maybe Brady himself? Or just a goon...anything is better that this crap we are seeing now.
Perhaps it is that the writers don't think that Marlena is the love of John's life? Or at least as current writing indicates that John do not give a shit about Marlena's feelings. Maybe they want to pair Marlena with someone else or do they want her alone in another sl later on?
Well I guess if the writers haven't watched the show in the lasts 25 years and have totally ignored the storylines in that time frame and haven't done their research then I guess that is a possibility....but let's face it...for anyone who's watched the show since the early 90s at least, they will have a very tough time selling that Marlena is not the love of John's life....sorry...not buying....Marlena is not Sami....who has been shown to jump from dick to dick to dick very easily and is now more of "love the one I'm with" than anyone else..... Marlena might have cheated on Roman, but it was always clear that from the moment of the affair on that Marlena was the love of John's life and vice versa. IMHO if they wanted to take Marlena into another story minus John then make the story something that wouldn't destroy both John and Jarlena. Like I said, there are ways of doing it that wouldn't tarnish either and they can still go on and make a long arc if they want to have Marlena and someone else. The fact that they might want to go with Marlena and someone else doesn't have to automatically turn John and Jarlena into shit.....
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