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May 27 2013, 02:48 PM
I like the list. I think Jack should be around, though not with Jennifer anymore, since she doesn't appreciate him.

I was glad to see Steve get a high spot. Excellent. I think there's potential story there should he return. The issues between him and Kayla could make for great drama. I'm so tired of seeing her viewpoint and her life get neglected. She's more than just a doctor and a pal. It would be nice if Steve came back, but even if he doesn't, show me what SHE'S up to....and not just in the hospital.

Bo...I miss Bo. He was a very important character for Days for decades, and I think he should be written for, but evidently the current writing staff doesn't share that opinion. Ask me what I think about that. Go 'head.

Anna. Carrie. I haven't been all that fond of Carrie since she dumped Austin over those erroneous "if we have children together they might have physical problems" results and took up with his brother Lucas, though she didn't love him at all. It was disappointing to find her so shallow. Then the way she took up with Rafe while married to Austin...Yuck. Who is this? Carrie?

But there is story to be had anyway, if you bring Anna back. Anna's problems and decision making....her emphasis on her career, while being largely absent from Carrie's life for so long...what impact did that have on Carrie? Plus, Anna is entertaining.

I've already gone on record that I want to see more of Kayla, but I'll add Justin and Adrienne to that list, and Lucas as well.

Why does Lucas never get a chance at love? Tomlin doesn't seem to value him, but it's clear the audience DOES, and Tomlin shouldn't ignore that in favor of his own biases.

Justin and Adrienne...I'd like to see them in a story that is about them. They've been great with Sonny, and that's appreciated, but how about them?

They aren't ancient, and they should get some focus. They don't have to lead, since the writers have something against that, clearly, but they could have a good, solid relationship story.

People don't cease to live at forty, Mr. Tomlin. A fair percentage of your audience is over that age, and they matter too. Or hey, maybe your message is that they don't. Tell them that. See how that works out for ya.

Excellent post. If only the pathetic writers viewed this site would they know who is most missed on Days. Before Jack and Bo come back and I mean Matt and Peter, there needs to be a regime change. And I sure hope it happens SOONER than later.
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