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May 27 2013, 05:03 PM
May 27 2013, 05:02 PM
May 27 2013, 04:42 PM
All i know is that Tomlin and Whitesell wanted to make Mar Dar all a dream.
I'ld like to make them a dream.

Then we would have
Jack still alive,
Bo still in town
Will and Sonny free to explore their relationship without the added weight of a Hernandai
John about to free EJ from the duties of running Dimera Enterprises.
EJ restricted to being a dodgy mayor.
Brady free from ever having disturbing flashbacks to the times he did it with his ex step mum.
Stefano taken down by a combined team of Marlena, Abe, Hope, Bo, Will, EJ , John, Kate not the direction we are taking which will probably be Sami.
Baby DR still alive and inutero.
Carrie and Austin on the canvas.
Parker still belonging to Phillip.

there's no guarantee that Bo would still be in town. Remember that it was Peter's decision, & it sounds like he had been thinking about leaving even before TomSell took over.
I wonder if he was forced out, and they just let him say it was "his decision" so he could save face.
I'm not basing that off something that was written about Peter or that Peter said. I'm basing it off of what Kristian said. She's the one that said that he'd been thinking about it for months & that's why she wasn't surprised when he finally officially said he was leaving. if it was just a line, i doubt she'd phrase it that way. she'd just stick to something like "he decided not to renew his contract to spend more time with his family".
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