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Ericole are barely in park. The fact is that Ericole have no story---they have scenes. The writers need to put the same mojo into their storyline that they do in everyone else`s. And they`re barely on...what one day a week. Slowburn my patootey, Ericole are in no-drive. You can`t tell a story like that and the writers aren`t telling a real story, IMO. Ari/Greg are lucky they don`t have paper cuts with the number of papers they shuffle in their one day per week episode. And Greg`s surely meeting his 8 glasses of water per day quota with the amount he drinks on the set. And they`re out of that rectory next to NEVER. ITA agree about Eric`s attire. YES WRITERS, he`s a priest, we get it. But, letting that hunky gorgeous man go jogging or something, shoot---anything but his priestly garb. Heck, send Ericole on a mission trip...something...anything. Give us a nano-second of some real story juiciness. Please!
AZ/GV have great chemistry together. Now, I`m beginning to wonder when they`ll capitalize on it fully.
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